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So, who is Caylie Poola?

Caylie Poola is...

A creator. Whether it's piecing together a great campaign, strategy or tagline or putting together an outfit that is simultaneously sensible and stylish for winter in New England. Social media savvy, pop culture crazed & chronically curious about the world Caylie is always on the lookout for great opportunities, people and stories to tell. 


My personal creative outlet is my blog, GoinginBlonde. There I share parts of my life, travels and advice. To get to know me behind the scenes a little more, stop by anytime.


One of my earliest creative endeavors was social media. Seeing the potential for connection, growth and success on different platforms is what inspired me to take my ambitions even further with advertising. I have professional experience in managing social media accounts for local businesses, guiding and helping others find success online. 

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