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I'm Caylie.


I'm a social strategist & influencer relations specialist based in Boston.

Caylie Poola is a Boston based copywriter & brand strategist brainstorming her next big idea after attending Boston University where she completed her masters degree in advertising this August. Curious, creative and a little bit sarcastic Caylie is fluent in slogans and storytelling. Passionate about travel, Caylie has visited 12 countries and counting, mostly people watching & trying new food. In her free time, she holds the prestigious role of photo editor & post captioner for her friends on social media.


What I Do


I interpret the world in phrases, slogans, and anecdotes. I am absolutely fascinated by the way people share stories and connect with one another through words. 

Social Strategy

I think social first. Powerful, engaging, & authentic content is the foundation to any great campaign or brand story. Every platform speaks a different language, and I'm fluent in all of them. 

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"Caylie has quite the imagination. If she can't say it, she'll write it"

- Mrs. Tricia, Caylies kindergarten teacher est. 2006

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